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Setting our strategy for the future

Over recent months I have been working with Trustees to develop our strategy for the forthcoming years.

What should never be forgotten is that we are a Trust whose mission is to improve the life chances of every child in every school.

While policies may shift, political agendas may evolve and the measurements by which we are judged change, our focus will not waiver. We need to ensure that our mission is always at the forefront of our thinking.

To do so, we need to ensure that we have world-class leadership, excellent teaching and support systems, and a relentless focus on standards.

Everyone, at whatever level they are working, is valued within the collaborative model which has been adopted.

With the continued backing and generous support of the sponsor, it has been possible to lift the ambition of the Trust to do so much more than simply conform to the particular requirements of Government or regulators. We are developing the kind of ambition that reflects itself in the aspirations of every child, and the expectations of every member of staff.

That is why our new strategy for the next three years is so critical. It outlines how we can go above and beyond the norm, targeting our resources and focusing on the areas where real progress can benefit our students.

If you would like a copy of this document, please e-mail comms@dret.co.uk