David Ross Education Trust

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Trust launches third Annual Review

A review outlining the achievements of the David Ross Education Trust in the 2015/2016 academic year has been released.

Among the highlights, the Annual Review reports on the significant progress that has been made across the network during the last academic year, including the ongoing commitment to educational excellence and the sharing of best practice across the Trust's academies.

Wendy Marshall, Chief Executive, said: “As a Trust, there is much we should be proud of. 

"It is fantastic, for example, to know that we have one of the most improved schools in the country in our network. 

"We have taken pride in our students' exam results and delighted in watching children and young people excel in all aspects of academy life. 

"Our enrichment programme continues to develop, and we were thrilled to celebrate DRET student, Tom Jarvis, becoming an Olympian as part of Team GB's Table Tennis squad in Rio 2016.

"While the Trust provides the framework and foundations, our successes are very much a result of the efforts of our dedicated staff across the network.

"The collaboration and sharing of ideas and best practice across the Trust enhances the effect of this expertise and experience – enabling the Trust as a whole to achieve the results that make the headlines."  

The Annual Review focuses on the Trust’s aspirations against three key objectives outlined in the Trust’s three year strategy, which was reviewed in 2016. These include our drive for academic excellence, our desire to build a strong community of academies that are committed to the communities they serve, and our aspiration to offer outstanding opportunities for all of our students. 

Each of the objectives is explored in detail using evidence from case studies, quotes and statistics. 

Reflecting on the Trust's vision and journey so far, the review also sets out five areas that will have the biggest impact on the Trust's future growth and performance and four priority areas of investment for the next few years. 

Wendy Marshall added: “Our hope is that the review gives you a snap shot of what has been delivered across our network over the last academic year, and a window into what will be achieved in the future.”

Click here to read the full review.