David Ross Education Trust

Broadening Horizons

Enrichment and Partnerships

We are incredibly lucky to be able to work alongside outstanding organisations and individuals who are happy to share their expertise and skills in supporting the David Ross Foundation's vision to give children better life chances through access to the best education and support that we can give them.

  • The Exploration Society

    The Exploration Society runs exciting adventure camps that the Trust uses to engage students especially during the transition from primary to secondary education. 

  • The Naked Scientists

    Science comes to life for our students when the Naked Scientists deliver fascinating workshops at our academies. 

  • The Old Vic
    The Old Vic

    The Old Vic has a strong education and outreach policy led by our Old Vic New Voices team.

  • The Royal College of Music
    The Royal College of Music

    The Royal College of Music is pleased to be working with Malcolm Arnold Academy in Northampton to support their music development and extend RCM's Sparks programme beyond London.

  • The University of Nottingham

    The University of Nottingham is a key partner for the Trust. The University hosts events, provides inspiration days and supports DRET staff.

  • Uppingham Logo
    Uppingham Collegiate

    Uppingham Collegiate is an affiliation between Uppingham School and academies sponsored by alumni of Uppingham School for the mutual benefit of their students.


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